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Aluminium railing section


Onew Metal have our Strict testing standards on our products-aluminium windows and doors prifiles.
1. Thickness: Aluminium door has 70 series and 90 series, usually, 70 series sliding door applied in the residential interior. Aluminium window has 55 series, 60 series, 70 series and 90 series. Which series should be selected determined by the size of window aperture and wind pressure value in your area.

2. Tensile Strength: the tensile strength should equal or better than 157 N/mm², yield strength should equal or better than 108 N/mm². A test method: when bending the profiles, it should be able to return to the status after let go.

3. Colour scale: one piece of aluminium profile, the colour between two ends should be the same, if has an obvious chromatic aberration, it can not pass the test.

4. Flatness: we will carefully check the surface of aluminium profile, there should not be dents or bulging.

5. Glossiness: obvious opening bubble (white) and ash (black) on the surface of aluminium profile, (such as craze, burr, peeling etc)can not pass the test.

6. The degree of anodizing: the thickness of the anodized film should equal or greater than 10 μm. we will scratch the surface to see if the film can be erased.

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